How You Can Help

We need your help. Standing up to the entrenched supporters of suction dredge mining in Washington can only succeed when we decide it’s time to stop taxpayer-subsidized destruction of our streams and rivers. Miners count on lax regulation and enforcement. They've gotten used to thinking of it as a right, not a privilege. But they've lost battles in California, Oregon and Idaho thanks to grass roots opposition. They feel even more threatened now that someone is standing up to them in Washington.

miners mistakenly insist that their claim gives them ownership of public land

Fish Not Gold has developed a plan to take on the miners that will become obvious as it unfolds over time. But our plan depends on the support of people like you who have become informed about the issues surrounding suction dredge mining.

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Next, let your state legislators know that you want them to support sensible reforms of Washington's small scale mining laws. You can find out who your legislators are HERE which also includes a handy link to write them.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission is appointed by the Governor. The commissioners also need to hear that we want them to instruct the WDFW staff to enforce the current mining regulations and to protect our fish and fisheries from further damage. Click HERE to contact the WDFW commisioners.

Fish Not Gold has a lot in common with similar grass roots efforts to stop the licensing of the Pebble Mine in Alaska. A single suction dredge is dwarfed by the scale of the industrial operation being proposed in Alaska. Yet the cumulative impact of hundreds of such dredges on fish and habitat are just as serious.

Miners are damaging Washington's streams, one pebble at a time, hundreds of thousands of times a day, day after day after day. Please join us in putting a stop to this senseless destruction of public land.

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